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The Name Game

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” Oh Shakespeare if only you knew. Names are hard. Whatever you pick as a parent, your kid is potentially stuck with it for the rest of their life unless they settle on a reasonable nickname or go through the effort of a deed poll. And there’s a lot of pressure to pick something good! You want a name that is a unique identifier, without being too “out there”. You want something cute for when they’re little, but that will age to be professional. And then there’s finding names that actually sound right with your surname! So I’ve compiled my considerations for choosing a name below the cut.

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Oops! I dropped off the face of the Earth!

So, turns out committing to a new project like a blog while pregnant is a little tricky. Who knew?? It’s been a long few months since I last posted here and a lot has happened in that time! We are now only three weeks away from my due date!!

I have a lot of things I’d like to share on this blog in something of a retrospect way. I’ll be attempting to throw a few posts up before baby makes his arrival, and then we’ll see if I can keep that momentum going through the newborn phase! I’d really like to make something of this blog, I just need to put the work in. But I have lots to talk about, lots of ideas, and hopefully it’ll be lots of fun putting it all out there in full TMI style 😉

Stay tuned! Xxx

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Mamas and Papas Parents-to-Be Event

On Sunday I went to the Croydon Mamas & Papas store with my husband and my mother-in-law for their Parents-to-Be event. I’d seen it advertised on Facebook and my interest was piqued enough to sign up and go along. I’d heard that the goody bags in particular were worth the trip, so I was excited! Continue reading “Mamas and Papas Parents-to-Be Event”

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Feeling Useless

My experience of pregnancy so far has been very up and down. There are lots of highs and things to be excited for. But there’s also plenty so far that’s had me feeling quite low. The main thing I’m struggling with, and have been struggling with since I found out I was pregnant is feeling useless. I’m a reasonably independent person, and I’ve always liked being able to just get on with things. Pregnancy has taken some of that away from me, and at times it’s quite hard to deal with.

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It’s a Boy! Our BabyBond Experience

Following on from my last post, we went to our nearest BabyBond scan service inside our local Mothercare store and finally got our answer! Our little baby is a boy! I’ve felt from the day I found out I was pregnant that I was carrying a boy; I don’t know how or why, but the feeling was so strong I’ve found it impossible not to refer to baby as “he” throughout pregnancy so far. So many people have told me over the past few months that I absolutely must be having a girl because of my morning sickness being so bad; it feels nice to be able to turn around and say “I knew I was right!”.
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Hospital Refused to tell us the Gender?!

I’m under the care of the Princess Royal Hospital in Telford for my pregnancy, birth, and beyond. So far I’ve had great service and treatment from the staff, it’s been easy to make appointments at convenient times and I’ve felt generally well looked-after. Until today, when I left the hospital in frustrated tears after the midwife flatly refused to tell us the gender of our baby at our 20 week scan; information that I firmly believe is the right of the parent to know if they wish to know. Continue reading “Hospital Refused to tell us the Gender?!”